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Why We Make Platinum Rings

About Platinum

The purchasing of bridal jewelry is a very unique and special experience. It is important for each sales associate to understand platinum’s qualities which makes it the best metal choice for the store’s customers. The information in this section outlines the history, qualities, and benefits of platinum.

Naturally White Colour
That Does Not Fade Or Change Colour

Platinum, a naturally white metal, will never fade or change color. White gold will yellow over time, requiring its rhodium plating to be replaced every 12-18 months to maintain a white appearance. The optimal setting for diamonds is platinum, a naturally white metal that won’t ever reflect color into the diamond. Platinum enhances the brilliance of diamonds and other gemstones.

Durable Enough For Everyday Wear

A platinum engagement ring and wedding band is eveilasting, perfect for a lifetime of everyday wear. Platinum’s density makes platinum highly durable, so it doesn’t wear away over time. White gold loses little slivers of metal with every scratch, requiring many rings to be reinforced or reshanked to replace metal that has worn away.

Holds Diamonds Securely

Platinum’s strength and durability makes it the most secure setting for diamonds and precious gemstones. Platinum prongs offer better protection for diamonds, which is why the world’s most significant diamonds, from the Hope Diamond to the 60-Carat Taylor-Burton Diamond, are all set in platinum

Caring For Platinum

Useful advice for caring your platinum pieces

Store pieces separately, in a jewelry box or chamois bag so they don’t get scratched by other items of jewelry. Keep your precious pieces in a safe place and have them sufficiently insured. If you are unsure about the value of your piece take it to your local jeweler for valuation. To get your platinum jewelry cleaned periodically. This will help ensure its appearance.

Clean platinum in the same way you clean other fine jewelry – using a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner or by soaking it in a mild solution of soap and warm water then water then gently rubbing it with a soft cloth. Adjustments, resizing, polishing and cleaning should be done by a platinum trained bench worker.

Take your platinum piece to our store for polishing if visible scratches appear. All precious metals can scratch and platinum is no exception. However, the scratch on platinum is merely a displacement of the metal and little of its volume is lost.

Platinum develops a patina over time, which is the matte finish that is unique to platin I ou prefer the high shine look, the piece can be taken to Solitaire store to have it re-polished to a high gloss look.

Remember that all precious jewelry, including platinum, should not be wom when performing heavy work, labor, or if contact will be made with hard or abrasive surfaces.

Beautiful brides dream about what might sit on their finger some day, a brilliant diamond set in a modern, classic or vintage platinum setting they fell in love with or designed with their betrothed.

SOLITAIRE gemologists select the best quality of platinum to create our one of kind pieces, to provide you with all kinds of elegant designs, which you may find it brilliant.

Choose platinum to symbolize your eternal love, lasting forever.

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