If you’re worried about styles, designs and the overall look of your tennis bracelet you may be thinking thoughts similar to: ‘What look is right for me?’ ‘What if the bracelet doesn’t match my other jewellery?’. Breathe easy, we know it can be a daunting process but we’re here to help.

Style and Design

The first option to consider is what style you want. Do you want a sleek and minimalist look? Are you after a dazzling effect? Maybe something more toned down? Whatever you want there is a design for you. Below are some more common tennis bracelet styles.

This is a bezel setting. Each gemstone is encircled with gold. An older design that has managed to capture our hearts for decades. You will find different stone shapes are common in bezel settings. Examples are emerald and baguette cuts. The effect on the wrist is gorgeous for someone who appreciates pattern over sparkle.

You can see in this image, each link in the bracelet has more than one diamond. This is called a cluster setting. Cluster settings are a modern twist on the tennis bracelet. They look gorgeous on the wrist as you have more diamonds therefore more facets for light to refract off thus more sparkle. Cluster set tennis bracelets are a must for people who want luxury and sparkle.

Metal choice

With an ever-expanding market you have various options. Tennis bracelets are crafted in 9karat gold all the way to 18karat gold, you will even find them produced in platinum. For this choice consider the karat gold of your other jewellery pieces. Most importantly your rings. Do you want your bracelet to match your rings? Would you prefer a contrast between pieces? You may discover your answer when trying tennis bracelets on. Your choice in metal may also help you narrow down styles. If you want to wear your bracelet more often than a more resilient metal such as 14k or platinum could suit your lifestyle better.


Defining your budget will also help you decide on a style. While tennis bracelets only referred to diamonds when they became popular, this is no longer the case. You will be able to find tennis bracelets crafted in silver with cubic zirconia and/or natural gemstones. These are great for someone who has a lower budget but still wants the impact and luxury of a tennis bracelet. If you’re looking in the higher price range, you can find gold or platinum with diamonds and/or natural gemstones. Whatever your budget, there is a bracelet for you.


The History Behind the Name


Chris Evert became world No.1 in 1975, a title she held for another 260 weeks. She became a household name and gained popularity as her career blossomed. Chris became known for accessorising her playing outfits with high end jewellery. Most notably a diamond eternity bracelet.

During a match in the 1978 US Championship she asked the umpire to pause the game. Her diamond bracelet had fallen off. Before continuing the match, she wanted to look for it. This event drew global attention and, combined with her post match interview where she called the missing piece of jewellery her ‘tennis bracelet’ solidified the name internationally for decades to come.